The best cats

The best cats.

So you want a cat. A personal perspective on The best cats and what to look for.
If you are cashed up and want a purebred kitten this site is not for you, unless you get lucky and grab a Pure rescue.
Well, before you go let’s look at some of the alternatives,
Kitten season starts in Spring, goes into summer and ends in early Autumn so
If you want a kitten in Winter you either take a cat or wait.
There are thousands of kittens and cats dropped at shelters throughout your region that face the prospect of being Put to Sleep.
So why not rescue one of these and enjoy the pleasure of adoption?

Kitten or Cat?

Like all animals kittens are lively so if you want something a bit slower an older cat will do the trick
Plus you have the benefit of seeing the nature of the cat that you will get.
We adopted an almost feral kitten, now we love our Cat many years later but my wife yearns for a cuddly cat, our Katie aint that in any way.
Every cat has a different nature emanating from breeds, colours, training and upbringing so choose to suit your desires.

Pedigree or Moggy?

The best cats
We adopted a lost British Shorthair near purebred which we had for about 9 years. Now we have a black and white moggy adopted as a problem child. Two very different cats but both gave us unconditional love and neither was better as a pet than the other unless, of course, your own vanity is a consideration.


Rescue cat Katie
Can cats be trained? They sure can if it suits them.
Our Cat as an example has a locked bedroom. Asks to go to bed at 9 pm and I let her out at 6 am
Works for us.

Inside or outside cat?

the best cats
I am biased on this debate as I believe cats need the activity and ability to roam and explore but it does come with dangers. Car bites, cat fights, dog chases and nasty neighbours that don’t like your princess pooping in their Vegi garden.
I probably would not want my thousand-dollar rag doll flaunting herself around the neighbourhood either so choose carefully.


It is not a question unless you want to breed. Cats can conceive easily and randomly at will so having batches of unwanted kittens is a problem we are trying to fix. You don’t want your randy old Tom leaving love ulcers on the next doors cat either, not done my friend.
If you are wanting to save money use animal shelters or Animal welfare for better deals.

Pet insurance?

Our experience was over $5000 in medical bills with an illness no one could really resolve. Would I have liked insurance? Sure would have but like any product, you think it won’t happen to you.
You may well say I would not spend that sort of money but you will. Believe me, it is not only for your beloved Pet but it creeps up on you. Just one more test, maybe a couple of days in Hospital it soon adds up and you are in for the full haul.

Cats and Cats, Cats and dogs?

the best cats
I believe this works well if started early but have seen many examples of compatible living between the group. Some crave animal company others prefer humans. We have only had one at a time but other family members and friends have a mixture.

Wet food v Dry food?

Now I am not a pet nutritionist but have tried always of feeding cats. With my last cat on tin foods
I was forever throwing out food as her taste changed. One day rabbit was a hit another day she acted like it would kill her if she went within 5 paces of the dish.
Current cat is on dry food, light for weight control and rationed daily and not a days complaint in 8 years, I do however have to confess to her enjoying human food in small portions at mealtime.
Other things come into the diet like greater smell problems with wet food and less cleaning of gums and teeth but a regular chicken wing should fix that.
It comes down to a personal choice.The best cat
Feel free to share your experience.
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